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Building Faster Buildings

The Wall-tech Way

At the Wall-tech Companies we know you are the kind of person who wants to build a fast building without sacrificing quality. In order to get this done, you need to be innovative in your approach.  The problem is engineering a cost-effective solution, which might make you feel like this is out of your control. 

We believe that you don’t have to accept slow schedules and higher costs for a high-quality building. We understand that venturing out of the standard construction design details can be a daunting design experience.  That’s why we’ll do the structural engineering design and provide you with a quality cost effective solution, built twice as fast. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Tell us about your project.

2. We’ll develop an engineered solution to fit your budget.

3. You’ll enjoy an exceptional building, built fast.

So, contact us for a project assessment and engineering design review of your project so you can stop wasting construction time and start collecting revenue in your new building.

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SFIA Metreau

Cold-Formed Steel Saves $250,000 in Building Mid-Rise Apartments


Read how the Wall-tech Team cut weeks off of the schedule & helped save the owner $250,000


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Why is your Schedule so Slow?


Don't be embarrassed with slow schedules.  We always feel bad for owners when we see a project getting built in several months, instead of a few weeks. Especially when it has just been accepted as the "normal" pace of construction for their project.   You don't have to accept slow schedules and higher costs for your building. 

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  • "I can state without reservation that Wall-tech delivered the finest gypsum systems of my twenty-year architectural career."

    Matt Dubbe

    Architectural Alliance

  • "What separates Wall-tech is the quality of their process. To run a job with 800 RFI's, without missing details, eliminating rework, is exceptional. Wall-tech offers you that level of comfort.”

    Dan Cypcar

    Hunzinger Construction

  • "Wall-tech listened and provided a solution which allowed for cost and time savings on the project. Wall-tech’s involvement went above and beyond the norm, and for that the entire project team reaped the benefits.”

    John Huggett

    The Boldt Company

  • "Wall-tech did a great job working with the other subs to coordinate workflow and get the job done. In every possible way, working with Wall-tech was a positive experience."

    Dave Hoff

    MA Mortenson Construction

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