The Best Walls are Built by Teams That Have None: Introducing the Wall-tech Companies

The Best Walls are Built by Teams That Have None: Introducing the Wall-tech Companies

In the world of prefabrication and cold formed steel framing, Wall-tech has built a reputation for helping contractors and owners build faster buildings.  Our relentless quest to uncover efficiencies, before and after shovels are in the ground, means that buildings are enclosed more rapidly, schedules are hit more consistently, and savings are realized more frequently. Our collaborative approach makes it a seamless transition between existing work, our enclosure process, and the finished building.

A Promising Future in Commercial Building Enclosure

A Promising Future in Commercial Building Enclosure

Now, as technology begins to play an ever-expanding role in our industry, Wall-tech is leading the way with cutting-edge practices and capabilities that enhance efficiency, improve safety, and compress schedules. We’ve taken our proven method for success and tweaked it, even more, to optimize our manufacturing and installation procedures in order to save time and money without cutting corners. Our experienced teams have an “ownership mentality,” and are committed to delivering superior quality across a range of services:

  • Enclosure systems: cold-formed steel framing, prefab walls, structural and metal stud framing
  • Load-bearing steel framing & prefabrication
  • Interior systems: drywall panels, painting, and wall covering
  • Special coatings and sandblasting
  • Firestopping and fireproofing

Busting the Myth About Prefab Construction

While some may believe that site-built is the only way to go, Wall-tech prefab wall panels and prefabricated steel buildings offer many benefits to your construction project. Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduced Construction Time. When you need to accelerate your project, Wall-tech can cut your enclosure time in half, helping you reach that deadline.
  • Lower Overall Costs. The costs associated with framing and drywall will be reduced when you choose Wall-tech prefab wall panels.
  • Worker Safety. Prefabricated steel buildings offer increased safety for workers doing the installation.
  • Quality Assurance/Control. You can count on the quality of materials, design, manufacturing, and construction when you work with Wall-tech.
  • LEAN and Integrated Approach to Construction. Wall-tech strives to put LEAN Construction into practice, meaning less waste and greater quality control.

Fiserv Forum Arena


The arena’s discerning general contractor chose Wall-tech for this massive project for our ability to meet complex quality and grueling schedule demands. 

Working with the arena's general contractor, Wall-tech delivered on complex design, quality and schedule demands.

Wall-tech’s nearly $20 million dollar portion of the project - which included CFS framing, exterior enclosure, engineering, prefabrication, interior framing, drywall and carpentry - was completed in 12 months utilizing 170 field personnel and 14 foremen operating on multiple crews. 

Wall-tech Companies

With all these benefits, it’s hard to keep standing on the grounds that site-built construction is in any way superior to prefab. Wall-tech products are built with the same engineering and materials, of arguably better quality due to the years of focus on the product at hand, perfecting the design and manufacturing process. Find out just how many ways Wall-tech can improve your commercial construction project. Contact us today.