Steel framing, pre-fab wall panels and building enclosure done right

We collaborate with you to realize your project vision, with lower cost and lower risk.

We approach every project the “Wall-tech Way” to ensure that we are setting ourselves up for success and that we are executing the project to our customers’ unique specifications. The Wall-tech Way involves:

  • Collaboration – Before we even take on a project, we ask, listen, and learn to make sure we understand just what the customer is looking for. In turn, we ensure that our customers understand our capabilities and that we are the right fit for the project.
  • Consultation – We put together an initial proposal with an engineering solution that ties together the production schedule, design, prefabrication, and installation. Through the consultation, you’ll learn how you can save time and money with Wall-tech while taking on less risk and less worry for your project.
  • Plan – Once you choose to work with Wall-tech, we will finalize our plan. We will revisit the initial proposal with you and establish the scope of the project, project milestones, and a final agreement. Wall-tech will choose a project team, set a detailed schedule, plan out the logistics, and finish the engineering.
  • Build – We execute on our construction plan. We will minimize your worry by handling any challenges while keeping you up-to-date on the project. During the build out, we hold our team to accountability standards, quality standards, and “zero-lost-time” safety procedures to enclose your project right and to enclose it quickly.
  • Evaluate – When the job is done, we provide you with the closeout paperwork, and we perform a success review with you to ensure that the project was delivered to your satisfaction. Internally, we perform an “after action review” to identify takeaways we can use to continue to improve our customer experience.