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Why We’re Interested in Helping with Global Housing Shortages

Our core belief is that dignified housing is a fundamental human right. Unfortunately, it is not available everywhere.

It is our mission to use our experience and technology to help alleviate housing crisis situations around the globe.

Our passion is teaching others how to build safe and affordable housing in their own communities.

Big Picture – What are the Global Housing Shortages?​

  • The housing shortage crisis could impact 1.6 billion people by 2025 according to the World Bank. 
  • The world needs to build 96,000 affordable housing units per day to house the estimated 3 billion people who need access to adequate housing by 2030, says UN-Habitat.
  • Africa housing backlog alone is estimated to be 51 million units according to the United Nations, with 17 African countries have housing deficits of more than 1 million each.
  • Unaffordable housing fuels homelessness. An estimated 100 million people globally don't have a home, UN-Habitat.
  • The United States of America is not excluded from this housing crisis.  According to Moody's Analytics, the USA is currently short almost 4 million housing units. 
  • The construction industry has not changed over the past centuries and consists mainly of concrete masonry units in many areas.
  • This conventional construction is slow, inefficient, and it is not environmentally friendly.
  • Affordable shelters are vital for keeping people out of poverty and communities thriving and safe.

Are Traditional Construction Methods Preventing Large Scale Developments?​

It’s Expensive​

Material costs are high and construction methods are outdated, keeping construction costs significantly high.​

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It’s Slow

Traditional construction methods are notoriously slow, and the shortage of skilled labor contributes to long durations.

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It’s NOT Scalable 

There isn’t an easy way to scale up to meet the huge and rapidly increasing demand.

Industrialized Construction​

To reduce cost and more effectively control schedules without compromising quality and safety, governments, owners, and contractors worldwide are incorporating more modernized construction techniques, also known as “Industrialized Construction".​


Leveraging more​ detailed and better-quality​ engineering​


Effectively manage ​supply chains


Moving work offsite and ​the adoption of manufacturing-type production methods with pre-fabrication​

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Benefits of CFS Framing Versus Traditional Masonry Construction ​​

  • Improved project quality
  • Increased schedule certainty
  • Improved cost predictability
  • Reduced waste generated by construction
  • Improved safety
  • Helps deal with skilled labor shortages
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When It Comes to Quality & Overall Costs, Wood Framing Is Problematic​

  • Wood compresses. At a rate of 3/8” per floor, wood limits the number of stories you can build mid-rise buildings.
  • It’s flammable. The building is vulnerable to fire and thus higher insurance costs.
  • It’s high maintenance. It rots, shrinks, warps, and splits when exposed to the elements.
  • Pest damage. No protection against termites, carpenter ants, and other pests that find wood a source of food.
  • It’s not available due to deforestation, and not readily available in many parts of the world.
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Key Benefits

Consistent Quality

Faster 200-300%

Better Tolerances


Less Waste(70%)

Reduced Deliveries(40%)

See Our Work in Action

Metreau Apartments, Greenbay, WI - CFS enclosure resulted in $250k savings and an early delivery.

What's the process looks like


Our Approach

At Wall-tech, We understand what it's like to deal with unpredictable schedules and project management headaches. We are construction veterans who've been in business for 35+ years and are a recognized leader in CFS prefabrication. 

We help alleviate housing crisis situations around the Globe by building resilient, high-quality and affordable housing in collaboration with the local communities.

  • We develop partnerships with local entrepreneurs to operate local factories
  • We provide safe, good paying jobs to the local community
  • We teach and provide training on advanced construction methods

Single family homes

With the use of prefabricated structural cold formed steel framing, an entire house structure can be erected in only 2-days (after the foundations are completed). For example, 100 homes can be erected per month with just 5 construction crews.

Typical construction schedule 

  • Concrete foundation and slab on grade
  • Prefabricated CFS structure assembled
  • Exterior cladding and roofing
  • Plumbing electrical, and interior finishes
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Combining CFS with Industrialized Construction


Lower insurance rates and shorter project cycles.


Steel will not warp, split, crack, or creep when exposed to the elements.

Speedy Installation

We manufacture off-site in a controlled environment and install in half the time. Guaranteed


Our products use recycled steel and are 100% recyclable at the end of use

Lower Maintenance

Steel framing resists rot, termites, and moisture

Waste Reduction

Cuts down the need for on-site waste management


Designs can be customized to fit the specifications and safety requirements of any project


Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any material used in construction


Fiserv Forum NBA Arena

  • 730,000 sf
  • Wall-tech’s ~$20 million portion of the project was completed in 12 months
  • Exterior enclosure, engineering, and prefabrication of CFS framing and interior drywall
  • +170 Field personnel and 14 foremen
  • 167 Miles of steel stud framing
  • 1,873,662 sf of Drywall
  • 5,000 Gallons of drywall mud

Partnerships with Developers for Large Scale Housing

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Example of a 5,000 Unit Residential Complex along with Single Family Home Development
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The benefits of designing with Prefab Panels

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