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Start using the design phase to your benefit on building less expensive and faster construction builds.

  • Aiding your design team through the best practices for cost effective solutions. Streamlining designs to take advantage of prefabrication techniques, even if you don’t end up utilizing prefabrication in the end.
  • Accelerating the fabrication and installation of prefabricated systems.
  • Developing a roadmap to success for the implementation of a prefabrication approach.
  • Helping with analysis of different prefab solutions.
  • Analyzing different floor systems for fire, sound, and cost.
  • Driving out “Traditional” mentality thinking that is stuck on solving issues only when the problem arises.
  • Developing good site logistics plans and creating a manufacturing mentality into the construction process.

Consulting Services Provided


Early optimization design review & critique


Overall project prefab strategy plan


Engineered shop drawings

Shop drawings

Developed panel shop drawings & fabrication drawings


Sequence & site access diagrams


Produce detailed schedules for design, procurement, fabrication, and installation

Construction Support

Coordination with fabricators, installers, and general contractors


Quality control assurance programs


5 Steps to prefeb success

  1. Have architects/EOR design with details that allow for faster installation. Even if you don’t end up prefabricating in the end, these details can still be used for stick framing.
  2. Decide early, then award the prefab scope earlier to allow for proper planning and design time. While all steps are important, this step is crucial to get everything in order for your building to be completed in half the time.
  3. Incorporate multiple phases of construction into the prefab scope.
  4. Install foundations, slabs and steel within the proper tolerances. Keep it flat, square and plumb! The Wall-tech system is highly organized, so attention to these details aren’t chaotic with tradesman “scrambling” for materials.
  5. Be ready with all trades to take advantage of the faster enclosure. Plan for the speed and update the schedule accordingly. Step 2 plays into this. Understanding the scope and schedule early allows for adaptations and preparation.

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Who We Are

At Wall-tech, We understand what it's like to deal with unpredictable schedules and project management headaches. We are construction veterans who've been in business for 30+ years and are a recognized leader in CFS prefabrication

Our team of experts in pre-planning, engineering, and project management can provide you with a tailored CFS framing solution to match your project. Your building will be completed faster and with superior quality.

Talk to us today so you can stop micromanaging slow projects and start delighting your clients with an on-time, on-budget delivery.

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See Our Work in Action

Metreau Apartments, Greenbay, WI - CFS enclosure resulted in $250k savings and an early delivery.

Case Study

These Iowa City luxury apartments initially had a 10-story concrete design that pushed the project over budget. To save money, the developer planned to compromise with wood framing and just 4 stories. Wall-tech offered a better solution.




  • 6 Stories
  • Underground Parking
  • 1st Fl. Retail space
  • Precast concrete podium
  • Load bearing CFS enclosure system

CFS provided more stories than wood without the need to pay a premium for concrete and the additional parking that 10-stories would have required. With CFS, the developer got better flexibility in floor count and parking requirements.

What the process looks like




Prefabricated CFS framing for a mid-rise building

What our Customers are Saying

Expertly Coordinated

“Wall-tech was very committed to the team and working with the other contractors. I really appreciated the fact that they would coordinate their work to get it done in sequence. Once the drywall work was done they would notify the next person in line. When the customer wanted changes, Wall-tech spent a lot of time researching different solutions to find an application to meet the owner's needs.”

Melanie Taylor
The Boldt Company

Unsurpassed Quality

“Wall-tech worked closely with us at every stage of the project - from finding drywall, metal studs, and insulation with the highest possible recycled content to supplying us with the information we needed in a timely manner. Wall-tech was instrumental in helping us achieve LEED Gold certification in the construction of our new corporate headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. They are a pleasure to work with and the quality of their workmanship is unsurpassed”

Holly Hawkins
Tri-North Builders

Positive Experience

“In my mind, everyone has to be a total team player. Wall-tech did a great job working with other subs to coordinate workflow and get the job done. As for the quality of their work, it exceeds that of other drywall companies we've worked with in the past. In every possible way, working with Wall-tech was a positive experience.”

Dave Hoff
Mortenson Construction

Our Past Projects


Fiserv Forum Arena – Milwaukee, WI.

  • 170 field personnel and 14 foremen— each running several crews
  • Interior framing, drywall, and misc. carpentry
  • Exterior enclosure, engineering, and prefabrication of CFS framing
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metreau photo

Metreau Appartments - Green Bay, WI

CFS Enclosure $250,000 in savings & early delivery.

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Milwaukee Ballet - Milwaukee, WI

Baumgartner Center for Dance. CFS Enclosure 40-day schedule … finished in just 7 days.

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Cold Formed Steel Framing

The benefits of designing with Prefab Panels

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