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To find a reliable way to complete the interior systems of your construction project?

Managing a building project from far away is a challenge. It’s time-consuming and full of risk. Getting the framing and drywall trades coordinated can be especially tricky. The wrong subcontractor may cut corners by using unskilled laborers and inferior materials. If their inexperience throws your project off schedule, your reputation is compromised and your client is unhappy.

Isn’t there a way to reduce this risk? Yes. The answer is Wall-tech. We are a licensed and insured Midwest-based integrated construction provider.

Wall-tech specializes in commercial-scale interior and enclosure systems. Wall-tech’s interior expertise includes drywall, finish taping, wood blocking, and rough carpentry.


Accelerated Building Schedule & Better Quality With Wall-tech you get:

A trustworthy partner. For 35+ years, our skilled tradesmen have put safety and quality first. This is why our clients say “the pride in our work shows”. When you work with Wall-tech, you get dependability at a competitive price. Responsive, honest, and professional service is what you can expect.

Speed. Difficult schedule? No problem. We maximize worker productivity and have the manpower to complete jobs in a timely fashion. A team player that understands sequencing, we have strong relationships with other local trades you might be considering. Our philosophy: on-time is great, but early is better.

Innovation. At Wall-tech, we’re experts in large-scale interior systems that save builders both time and money. Whether you’re interested in a cost-effective solution, a new insulation idea for LEED certification, or LEAN building—creative thinking is our goal.

Proactivity. Our friendly, easy-to-work-with team is diligent. We keep you in the loop and troubleshoot issues before they become problems. The team has a “take-charge” mentality that allows for flexibility with unexpected client changes and incomplete drawings.

Savings. Using innovations to finish fast, and with fewer people, produces high-quality work that saves money and gives you more to work with in the budget.

Historic renovation of Madison Municipal Building woodwork in 2nd floor meeting room


Faster Projects. Better Costs.

Wall-tech not only installs drywall but finishes walls with paint or wall covering. Wall-tech is highly trained and skilled in multiple surface prep and painting techniques, to give your walls the clean, crisp appearance that makes your building look its best. By having your painting done by the same company that installs your drywall, you avoid having to hire separate commercial painters, which saves time and money.

Why Risk Your Reputation?

There’s a reason clients have been coming to Wall-tech for over 35+ years. It can be summed up in one word: trust. We have a track record of helping both local general contractors, and those from out of town, with high-quality work that has performed well. Take a look at what our repeat clients say about Wall-tech.


Fiserv Forum Arena

The arena’s discerning general contractor chose Wall-tech for this massive project for our ability to meet complex quality and grueling schedule demands. Wall-tech’s nearly $20 million dollar portion of the project was completed in 12 months.

170 field personnel and 14 foremen— each running several crews

Interior framing, drywall, and misc. carpentry

Exterior enclosure, engineering and prefabrication of CFS framing

With Wall-tech, Your Project Will Be on Time and Under Budget

Before you decide on a subcontractor, contact Wall-tech. We can help make your building project a success.

Not all Subcontractors Are Created Equal—Get the Wall-tech Advantage

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